Key Videos of Sunset Dreams

Key Videos of Sunset Dreams


From the ripe old age of 13, Gary Hewitt began his love affair with woodworking. It all started with his introduction to shop class in Grade 9, when he made his first project on a lathe- a wood candy dish bowl.


By the time he reached Grade 12, he designed and built a Cedar Hope Chest. With the pride of building a beautiful piece of furniture with his own hands, and the encouragement of his Wood shop Teacher- Gary knew he had found his calling.After high school, Gary took a full time job with the Continental Cabinet Company in London.


After a few short months, the owner of Continental recognised Gary’s potential and thirst for knowledge , and offered him an Industrial Cabinet Maker Apprenticeship at Fanshawe College.Over the course of the following year, Gary learned every aspect of the cabinet making & countertop fabricating process- which usually takes an apprentice 4 years to learn. This impressed the owner so much that he thrust Gary into the role of Cabinet Installer in high end residential homes.


Working in upper scale homes as a Cabinet Installer, introduced Gary to many of the other trades that were working in the houses, and “lit a spark” in him to learn them all!


In the height of the 1980’s building boom, Gary took a position with a Custom Staircase Manufacturer. Upon learning that he had cabinet installation experience, they sent him out to be a Stair Railing Installers helper. Within 2 weeks of training for a trade that can take up to 10 years to learn- Gary was moved up to a  Installer position. “Some of those railings in the first year weren’t the prettiest” admits Gary, “But I had to learn and adapt to keep up with the volume of houses being built to keep up”.  Over the following 13 years, Gary became an expert in every aspect of Circular & Spiral Stair Railing Installations, and became Lead Hand to train all new Railing Installers.


By 2008, Gary and his family were ready to make the move to a brand new home, to be custom built for them. By this time, Gary had owned a couple of “fixer uppers” that he had gutted, and extensively renovated, including all of the “trades hands on” work to finish the basements himself.


With Gary’s years of experience and knowledge, he was able to convince a local builder to work together on the new build. Gary took the Builders Base Model and redesigned the interior Floor Plan, to allow for a Circular over Circular Staircase in the Front Foyer. Being involved in the build process from start to finish with the local builder on his own home, and doing a lot of the interior finishing himself- really peaked Gary’s passion and desire to pursue Home Building. “The entire (house building) experience was so exhilarating to me that I knew that was exactly what I wanted to do- I just didn’t have the means or the how” said Gary, “it just wasn’t the right time”.


By 2009, Gary knew that being a Stair Railing Installer was a “young mans job”, and wanted something different. By 2010, he became an Authorised Dealer for the largest Acrylic Bath Systems supplier in the USA, and The Bathroom Medics was born! Over the next 10 years The Bathroom Medics installed over 500 bathrooms for homeowners throughout the London to Sarnia corridor, and, established themselves as a competitor in the Bathroom Makeover industry.But this really wasn’t where Gary’s heart was.


By 2016, Gary and his wife Barbara made the decision to build their own home. They found a beautiful piece of property just outside St.Thomas ,  treed with tall pines - and a steep ravine incline which backed on to Kettle Creek. They knew they just had to have it.


The real estate agent told them the property has been sitting for years because “no one knows what to do with it, and can’t imagine the costs involved”. But Gary knew EXACTLY what to do with it. Build a Chalet Loft Cottage Style House with Floor to Ceiling Windows- with Upper and Lower Walkouts.  And so the seed was planted!


Gary immediately knew- THIS WAS HIS CALLING. There

would be no builder this time. He was it! So the search

began for a set of building plans that fell in line with his

visions and dreams.


Once he found Beaver Homes & Cottages through Home

Hardware, Gary had all the tools needed at his fingertips to

design his home. He took one of their base models (The

Thompson) - redesigned the Floor Plan & Exterior Front,

made it 4 feet wider, and, added a 2 Car Garage with 2

Story Master Suite. And, ultimately built the Chalet Loft

Style home he envisioned and dreamt of!


In 2019, Gary sold his bathroom renovation

company, and created his new company- SUNSET


found the whole process with Beaver Homes & Cottages

so exhilarating, that he entered into a Licensing Agreement

with Home Hardware.


Today, with 35 years experience in the home construction

industry, Gary is living his dream by helping his clients -

achieve their dreams. From initial Design - to obtaining their

Permits – to Project Management of the build, Sunset

Dreams Home Building Services guides you every step of

the way! Their motto:

Successful completion of Core Competency Courses

1. Tarion-Business Planning & Management

2. Tarion - Financial Planning & Management

3. Tarion - Project Management & Supervision

4. Tarion - Legal Issues in Housing

5. Tarion - Construction Technology

6. Tarion - Customer Service & Tarion Requirements

7. Tarion - Building Codes in Ontario


National Association of Home Builders

1. NAHB - Business Management for Building Professionals

2. NAHB - Marketing & Communications Strategies

   for Aging & Accessibility (CAPS I)

3. NAHB - Design/Build Solutions for Aging and Accessibility

   (CAPS II)


Fanshawe College

Industrial Cabinet Making (Year 1 Apprenticeship)





*Disclaimer:  Core Competency Courses were completed for personal and

business education purposes. We do not claim to be members of Tarion or

the National Association of Home Builders, or subscribe to their programs.*